20100820 bhp 18
A road sign points the way to mining giant BHP Billiton's Mt. Arthur coal mine in Muswellbrook, Australia. - 

Listener David Lefkovits writes:
"When Intel announced they'd buy McAfee,
the market reacted with apathy:
With mass unemployment,
more PC deployment
looks doubtful, despite being hacker-free."

Thanks for showing me up, David -- I'll take it from here:

Potash, the big fertilizer,
believes that, on balance, it's wiser
to not go combining
with BHP mining --
So says their investment advisor.

Jobless claims rose again this week.
There's oil off the coast of Mozambique.

There's salmonella,
and profits fell a
lot for Sears
but not for Dell.

A scandal's emergin'.
No matter the splurgin'
you're doing, your olive oil isn't that virgin.

The oil spilled by our friend BP?
We thought it was gone, to a stunning degree?
Turns out it's still there, it's just under the sea.
I'll see you @Marketplace.org.