Letters: On bribing kids to do better in school

Jul 12, 2012
Listeners respond to the latest Freakonomics Radio segment on bribing kids for better results in school.
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Letters: Solving problems with the plastic

Jul 6, 2012
Credit cards can make you feel like anything's possible -- until you get the bill.
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Emergency fund 101

Jun 22, 2012
Emergency fund advocate Jill Schlesinger joins host Tess Vigeland and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch to discuss the foundation of financial security.
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Letters: Refinancing an underwater condo

Jun 15, 2012
Host Tess Vigeland is joined by Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch and the L.A. Times' David Lazarus to discuss reader concerns and talk to listeners.
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Letter: A photo is worth a thousand words

Jun 12, 2012
Jacques from New Jersey sent in this photograph, and talks to us about how the recession has impacted him personally.
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Letter: A small business owner on hiring and benefits

Jun 8, 2012
We hear from an owner of a PR firm who's trying to hire, but also struggling to cover retirement benefits.
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Letters: Real estate entaglements with family members

Jun 1, 2012
Tess is joined by senior producer Paddy Hirsch and credit expert Liz Weston to talk about credit utilization, bankruptcy amongst seniors, and the down side of buying real estate for your kids.
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The mail bag: Student debt and risk-averse investing

May 25, 2012
Host Tess Vigeland and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch discuss what's been on your minds.
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Letters: Brogrammers and older workers

May 18, 2012
Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: Defending the male work culture at tech companies, and wanting to know more about the older workers who are long-term unemployed.
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Letters: Electric cars, sustainability, and attitudes toward the rich

May 11, 2012
Kai reviews listeners from our listeners this week.
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