One man's crisis of confidence in China

Oct 2, 2023
China’s economy has not been recovering as fast as hoped for after the zero-COVID policy ended, partly due to a lack of confidence.
A bustling market in China's Liaoning province. China's economy has not rebounded as quickly as anticipated, partly because of a lack of confidence among its people.
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China's economy is slowing. Is the political economy to blame?

Aug 9, 2023
Adam Posen of the Peterson Institute says that implementation of the zero-COVID policies made people feel "very insecure."
According to Adam Posen, it's been difficult for China's leaders to re-establish trust after the implementation of zero-COVID. "We've already seen leaders from the Communist Party around President Xi Jingping say, 'Oh, no, we want a vibrant private sector in China, said Posen. "But it's hard to be credible once you get to that point."
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