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Thames Water, the UK’s biggest water company, struggles to plug a hole in its finances

Jul 6, 2023
Huge debts and raw sewage threaten the future of a major British utility.
Joan Fennelly, left, and Jo Robb of the Henley Mermaids swimming in the Thames — in spite of the sewage. “We’ve seen it all and it’s very upsetting.”
Mimisse Beard

Who's responsible for the plastic waste in our waterways?

Nov 27, 2019
One Pennsylvania-based researcher says she wants companies that produce plastic that winds up as waste to be accountable for it.
Trash collected by plastic researcher Sherri Mason and her students dries out on screens, then they will catalog each piece, and input what they find in a database.
Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Bill to regulate "Teflon" chemicals in water continues through Congress

Jul 5, 2019
A bill to regulate so-called "Teflon" chemicals found in nonstick pans and waterproof clothing is moving quickly through Congress.
"Teflon" chemicals can be found in waterproof shoes, rain jackets and cookware.
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Troubled Waters: Trump budget casts Great Lakes cleanup into doubt

Jul 7, 2017
The 2018 proposed budget calls for cutting the $300 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
Employees from Barr Engineering install instruments to measure groundwater seepage and flow between the sediments and the St. Louis River in Duluth, Minnesota. The data will help in the design, construction and installation of caps aimed at protecting the environment and wildlife from harmful material.
Derek Montgomery/MPR News

Canadian greenhouse industry seeks methods to reduce pollution into Lake Erie

Jan 2, 2017
Many Canadian greenhouse growers are switching to water recycling.
After greenhouse tomatoes are picked and loaded into boxes, they're delivered to packing stations using robotic trolleys.
Karen Schaefer

The battle over industrial water pollution in Alabama

Apr 26, 2016
If new EPA regulations set stricter standards for some chemicals, water agencies could face costly clean-up measures
A view of the Tennessee River, which a lawsuit contends has been contaminated with chemicals from a nearby 3M plant for decades. 
Max Wolfe/Flickr