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Giving voice to London's statues

Oct 14, 2014
From Queen Victoria to Sherlock Holmes, London's statues can talk.

A new game for neighborhood parks: marketing

Oct 6, 2014
Public parks are trying to get people away from screens and into the community.

A walk in the park

Jul 27, 2012
A little green space in the middle of the concrete jungle of downtown Los Angeles can remind office workers what's really important in life.
Tess Vigeland checks out The Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain in L.A.'s Grand Park
Liyna Anwar

Take a walk though the country's newest urban park

Jul 27, 2012
The Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles offers much needed -- and some say, long overdue -- green space in the neighborhood.
Host Tess Vigeland conducts an interview from an interactive fountain in downtown L.A.'s Grand Park.
Megan Larson