Fed's Bernanke says economy is healing

Feb 9, 2011
Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, facing the Republican-controlled House for the first time, says the economy is moving in the right direction.

Richard DeKaser: Bernanke defends the bond buying program

Feb 9, 2011
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will defend the Fed's $600 billion bond buying program today when he testifies before the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill. Jeremy Hobson speaks with economist Richard DeKaser about the expected outcome of today's hearing.

China raises interest rates to nip inflation

Feb 8, 2011
China raised interest rates for the second time in six weeks, highlighting inflation fears that are worrying many developing economies.

Fed chair says time to cut trillion-dollar budget deficit

Feb 3, 2011
Ben Bernanke said today the deficit threatens the economy. If it isn't slashed, investors in government debt could demand higher interest rates. That could spike the recovery.

Weekly Wrap: Jobs and politics, the Fed and banks

Dec 3, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to John Carney from CNBC and Lee Gallagher of Fortune magazine about the politics over the jobs number, the Federal Reserve's data dump and the deficit commission this week.

Weekly Wrap: Bernanke's message to the world, Congress

Nov 19, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Heidi Moore of the Dealbook at the New York Times and John Carney from CNBC about Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's defense of the Fed's decision to devalue the dollar.

GOP wants Fed to narrow focus

Nov 16, 2010
Some Republican congressional members thinks that the Federal Reserve should focus on inflation, instead of both employment and inflation numbers. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

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