How a tax credit to boost minority hiring became a gift to temp agencies

Sep 6, 2022
Workers may not be the biggest beneficiaries of the work opportunity tax credit, says ProPublica investigative reporter Emily Corwin.
A woman waits for a job at a temporary employment agency in North Dakota. ProPublica's Emily Corwin discusses the work opportunity tax credit's benefits for temp agencies and the persistent lack of solutions for workers.
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Temp agencies could use more temps themselves

Aug 6, 2021
Though IT and health care workers are seeing a boost in wages, administrative assistants and receptionists have seen wages stall.
Even in today's relatively hot job market, people who have served prison time may find it difficult to secure employment.
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The temp industry is at an all-time high

Jun 17, 2016
From medicine to hotel housekeepers, large staffing agencies supply temporary and contract workers.
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