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A year after EPA spill, some still seek compensation

Aug 23, 2016
The EPA says it's limited in what it can reimburse communities for.
The 2016 rafting season has been strong in Durango, Colo. Flash back one year ago though and this riverfront looked different. Companies were forced to cancel trips for eight days after an EPA-triggered spill of mining waste into the Animas River.
Grace Hood, Colorado Public Radio

Judge says TVA is liable for Knoxville spill

Aug 24, 2012
A federal judge said the Tennessee Valley Authority is liable for the big sludge spill at its power plant near Knoxville a few years back. Millions of tons of coal ash spilled out of a man-made lake and blanketed nearby rivers and land.

Update on the BP oil spill

Sep 15, 2010
This final note -- two, really, about the oil spill in the Gulf. First, retired Admiral Thad Allen said today the well will finally be killed, once...