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Here’s how the EPA might be different under Andrew Wheeler

Jul 30, 2018
The acting head of the Environmental Protection Agency appears to be approaching his job differently than his predecessor, Scott Pruitt, at least in the early going. Andrew Wheeler is likely to still advance President Donald Trump’s push to dispense of industry regulations, but observers say he’s doing it in a more careful way compared to […]
Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler waits to testify before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee August 1, 2018 in Washington, DC. Wheeler testified during the committee's hearing titled 'Examining EPA's Agenda: Protecting the Environment and Allowing America's Economy to Grow.'
Win McNamee/Getty Images

The EPA is at the center of a debate over pesticide regulations

Apr 23, 2018
Chlorpyrifos has helped protect crops from pests since 1965, but it's also been linked in studies to low-IQ babies and dead fish.
Farmer Mike Locati in eastern Washington.
Courtesy of Esmy Jimenez

What can an oil industry ally do to the EPA?

Dec 8, 2016
Trump’s pick, the Oklahoma attorney general, works closely with oil and gas interests.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt arrives at Trump Tower on December 7, 2016 in New York City. 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images