Where Monday is the new Sunday: More school districts move to 4 days a week

Aug 12, 2022
Many districts make the switch to attract teachers and save money. Though some extend the school day, classroom time often contracts.
Some school districts don't have classes on Mondays. Others skip Fridays and provide child care for a fee.
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"This is your principal calling": Schools get creative to boost attendance

Aug 11, 2022
Principals are calling, texting and throwing pizza parties in an effort to bring down chronic absenteeism that can affect funding.
In some places, average daily attendance determines how much money schools get from the state.
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It really is who you know: Social mobility and schools

Aug 8, 2022
New research finds that low-income children who grow up in communities with lots of cross-class relationships are more likely to rise out of poverty.
A new study found that children who made cross-class connections and friendships had a much higher chance of rising out of poverty.
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Monitoring software on students' school laptops raises privacy concerns

Aug 3, 2022
A new survey finds that the vast majority of American schools are using activity monitoring software to track students. The intent is to keep students safe, but it's more common to be used for disciplinary reasons.
Schools' use of  monitoring software to keep track of students has been increasing.
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U.S. schools are rebuilding on safer ground to combat flooding and climate change

Jul 18, 2022
Thousands of schools are located in areas subject to flooding, a Pew study says. Rebuilding puts schools in competition for safer land.
Needing to rebuild and re-purchase supplies after a flood can be very expensive for schools and their communities, said Matt Casale with the Public Interest Research Group. Above, volunteers clean a school in Houston after flooding from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. 
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With a new school year in view, many districts struggle to find enough teachers

Jul 14, 2022
Some districts are offering more pay and housing stipends. Others are cutting back, putting a bigger load on remaining teachers.
Some school districts are offering hiring bonuses to fill a shortage of educators. Others are simply making do with fewer teachers.
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Homebuyers will still pay a premium to live in a good school district — even in a hot market

Jun 21, 2022
Real estate experts say buying in a desirable district benefits non-parents too.
In some markets, buyers are paying thousands over asking price to be close to the school of their choice.
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Schools' creditworthiness could be challenged by new costs, report says

Jun 16, 2022
Teachers demanding higher pay is one example of new costs. That could make it harder for schools to borrow money, a new report says.
For large investments, schools can turn to the debt markets to raise money. But they're also facing rising costs, which could hurt their ability to borrow.
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Air conditioning (or lack of it) can affect student performance

Jun 2, 2022
Some schools are using their COVID relief funds to upgrade heating and cooling systems, including installing air conditioning.
Roughly a third of schools report having a fair or poor heating, cooling or ventilation system, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That can impact learning.
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Declining enrollment affects how public schools balance budgets

Apr 13, 2022
It can be challenging to figure out whether pandemic-related changes will end up being permanent.
A new study found that children who made cross-class connections and friendships had a much higher chance of rising out of poverty.
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