More Americans are dipping into retirement funds for emergencies

Nov 21, 2023
“Hardship withdrawals” are rising, Fidelity Investments reports, most commonly to avoid eviction or foreclosure or pay medical bills.
The most common reasons for "hardship withdrawals," Fidelity reported, were avoiding eviction or foreclosure and paying medical expenses.
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You may be losing out on retirement money if you leave your job early 

Aug 11, 2023
Some employers will match your contributions to your retirement fund, but you may have to stay with them for years to access that money.
Some employer matching contributions come with strings attached.
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Downturn leads some to withdraw early from retirement accounts

May 15, 2020
Almost a third of people in a LendingTree survey said they were withdrawing from retirement accounts
The economic slump is making some Americans spend down liquid assets.
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Americans just can't leave retirement savings alone

Feb 13, 2017
For each dollar saved, 40 cents is withdrawn. Social scientists have a solution.

Why your advisor's retirement advice might change

Apr 8, 2016
The new 'fiduciary standard' means your financial advisor has to put your 'best interest' first.