Golden Arches going back to basics

Apr 22, 2016
McDonald's reported first quarter earnings Friday.
McDonald's classic Big Mac is about to come in different varieties.

McDonald's sales beat expectations as turnaround continues

Jan 25, 2016
All-day breakfast and other initiatives are helping McDonald's financial performance.

What's driving fast-food meal deals?

Jan 14, 2016
A "me, too" philosophy among fast food giants means many are offering combo meal deals.

All-day breakfast leading diners back to McDonalds

Dec 10, 2015
A preliminary look at McDonald's all-day breakfast initiative points to early success.

Will McDonald's egg rivals on with all-day breakfast?

Oct 6, 2015
As McDonald’s launches a limited all-day breakfast menu, will competitors follow?

Why you might wait for your afternoon McMuffin

Oct 1, 2015
McDonald's will offer breakfast all day, but tight kitchen space means the menu will be limited.