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September's real wages are expected to rise

Oct 9, 2023
And that would mean your paycheck's purchasing power would be getting a boost relative to inflation.
Rising real wages means consumers are "making up for the consumption power that they lost when prices were rising faster than wages," says Erica Groshen, former Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Wage growth may be slowing, but consumers still have the power to spend

Jul 28, 2023
Wages are rising faster than prices. So on average, people’s purchasing power is increasing.
Purchasing power has increased because prices have been rising more slowly, said economist Preston Mui.
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Wages rise ... but prices rise more

Mar 31, 2022
If wages were to rise as fast as prices right now, it could lead to a wage-price spiral, something the Fed is trying to prevent.
Wage increases aren't keeping up with inflation, but experts say it will even out soon.
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