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Why Sports Illustrated's buyer is keeping the print magazine around

Mar 19, 2024
Sports Illustrated has a new publisher who says it will keep producing the magazine's print editions. That could benefit the brand.
By keeping the print magazine version of Sports Illustrated around, "you're maintaining the value of that brand," said the University of San Francisco's Nola Agha.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When you need 70,000 pounds of paper a month and the supply chain is in chaos

Jun 15, 2022
Claudia Smukler of Mother Jones explains the unique obstacles to producing a print magazine in this economy.
Magazines require a high grade of coated paper, one that ink will lay well on.
Bennett Purser/Marketplace

That article you're reading might just be an ad

Jan 28, 2015
Conde Nast joins the trend towards increased native advertising.