A saving-and-spending balancing act

Aug 3, 2012
Our Marketplace Money Piggy Bank Award goes to 10-year-old Anna Pitman, who is learning the balance between the joy of spending and the pride of saving.
Anna and Marc Pitman.
Pitman Family

Piggy for Greece

Jun 22, 2012
A thank you gift to the people of Athens for not taking the world economy this past week... phew.
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Piggies for a mentor and mentee

Jun 8, 2012
This week, we're recognizing an American civil worker who bestowed personal finance knowledge -- from our show! -- to an intern.
The difference in fees on 401(k)s could mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and an uncomfortable one.

How to get a job, in charts and graphs

Jun 1, 2012
This week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award goes to a consultant who presented the interview process in witty, pithy infographics.
One of several infographics Elisabeth Fosslien created about what she learned as a consultant who interviews potential employees.
Elisabeth Fosslien

Piggy for the 367

May 25, 2012
This week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award goes to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367.

Piggy for good financial leadership

May 4, 2012
Katie Davis from Fayetteville, N.C. and her husband Matt are paying themselves first.

Piggy for the uber-frugal

Apr 27, 2012
Kris Keller gets the Marketplace Piggy Award for making sacrifices to stay on budget.

For public good, not for profit.

Piggy for a young saver

Mar 16, 2012
Ten-year-old Richard Chapel mowed lawns for a whole summer for a new basketball hoop.
A piggy for Richard Chapel from Granger, Indiana.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images