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Mastercard's goes digital with e-wallet 'Masterpass'

Mar 22, 2013
Could electronic wallets become as common as cellphones? Paypal and Google sure hope so. But Mastercard has a plan for this future, too.

The Aftermath of Aaron Swartz's Suicide; Using PayPal at the Pump

Jan 17, 2013
The death of a freedom of information campaigner and accused hacker is prompting a bid to change federal law on computer abuse and fraud. Aaron Swartz, 26, killed himself on Friday as he awaited trial for breaking into MIT’s computer system to make public subscription-only academic journals in a database called J-Stor. Professor James Grimmelmann […]

Paypal to swipe real-world store payments

Mar 14, 2012
Paypal, the world's largest online payment processor, offers a new service to real-world merchants. What does this mean for rival Square?

Wikileaks suspends publication

Oct 24, 2011
The leak site has temporarily shut down in order to go into an aggressive fund raising mode. Yeah, it's something we've heard from a million arts...

eBay developers' conference kicks off today

Oct 12, 2011
It's the first day of the company's X.commerce conference. Reuters reports eBay is expected to announce deeper Facebook integration today. It's...

PayPal says check it out

Sep 15, 2011
PayPal showed off its new payment system yesterday to a select group of retailers.. The company is betting that merchants will be more likely to...

For public good, not for profit.

Handcuffs for hackers

Jul 20, 2011
Looks like we're seeing some tangible results of virtual crimes. 14 Anonymouseurs, in nine states, have been arrested due to their suspected...