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Back in name only: Toys R Us brand to reappear in more than 400 Macy's stores

Aug 20, 2021
Just a few years ago, the toy retailer closed its U.S. operations and laid off 30,000 workers.
A Toys R Us store in New York in 2018, after the chain said its U.S. locations would close. Macy's plans to use the brand name to boost traffic in its department stores.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Sears growing an Amazon partnership to at least install tires, when it can’t get the sale

Aug 29, 2018
Customers nationwide can now buy tires online at Amazon, and the local Sears will put them on. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 
"The company told me they truly believe they are positioning the department store for a resurgence," says reporter Hayley Peterson.
Mike Kalasnik/Flickr

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