New index gets a "more real-time view" of rent inflation

Jan 26, 2023
Housing is one of the biggest parts of inflation, but current metrics lag by about a year. The new tenant repeat rent index aims to change that.
A new index measures rent inflation by tracking new leases.
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Shelter costs rose in December while the Consumer Price Index declined. Why?

Jan 12, 2023
Today’s inflation report showed that both the rent and owner-equivalent rent indexes rose 0.8% in December.
Rents fell .8% nationally in December, according to data from Apartment List. Yet rents in the CPI rose by .8% last month,
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"Owners' equivalent rent" a key property of inflation

Jun 10, 2022
OER, a component of the consumer price index, involves homeowners’ estimates of what their residence would rent for.
In the process of calculating the consumer price index, the Bureau of Labor Statistics asks homeowners how much money, hypothetically, they'd rent their place out for.
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