The health care industry is taking a stand against the maker of EpiPen

Jan 13, 2017
As we all know, the maker of EpiPen, Mylan, has engaged in price gouging. But this week, the larger health care industry sent a strong message that they are not going to stand for it. On Wednesday, Cigna announced it would only cover the generic version of EpiPen. On Thursday, CVS announced a deal with […]

How some hospitals are replacing pricy EpiPens with a $10 version

Nov 2, 2016
A health care system in Utah has designed a DIY kit to cut costs.
The EpiPen is giving way to EpiKits.
Libby Mitchell

The price of the EpiPen has surged. Who pays?

Aug 23, 2016
How will users of the auto-injector pay for the drug they rely on?
For the parents and guardians of children who need EpiPens to manage their allergies, the price tag has gone up by several hundred dollars.
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