Watchdog of Wall Street, SEC's Mary Schapiro, looks back

Dec 10, 2012
SEC chairman Mary Schapiro will officially step down from her post on Friday.

SEC departure leaves a tougher reform path

Nov 27, 2012
Mary Schapiro’s departure from the Securities and Exchange Commission leaves the board politically split – with thorny market issues to resolve.

SEC: Watchdog or lapdog?

Nov 26, 2012
With Mary Schapiro stepping down as chairwoman, how effective is the SEC in policing securities markets?

Mary Schapiro: The woman who 'saved the SEC'

Nov 26, 2012
Mary Schapiro, chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, announced that she will leave her position. Schapiro took her post at the SEC just after the financial crisis and is credited with helping to craft reforms to prevent future economic disasters.