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New mammogram age guidelines could detect cancer earlier — and add costs for women

May 15, 2023
Preventative mammograms are covered by most insurance providers. But follow-up exams might not be.
New federal guidelines aim to screen women earlier for breast cancer, but that could tack on additional costs for many people.
Pascal Lachenaud/AFP via Getty Images

Turns out, shame and fear don't fight cancer

May 21, 2014
What we can learn from one clinic's experiment with mammogram "marketing".

Study casts doubt on value of mammograms

Feb 12, 2014
But years of awareness campaigns and PSAs have patients asking for them, and doctors prescribing
A woman waits outside the mammogram and women's health services area on the first day of the fourth annual free health clinic at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in downtown Los Angeles September 27, 2012. 
Robyn Beck