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Inside Malaysia's $100 billion "ghost city"

Dec 14, 2023
In 2016, Country Garden unveiled a $100 billion project in Malaysia called Forest City. It was supposed to accommodate nearly 1 million people. Eight years on, the complex is virtually empty.
Forest City, a development in Malaysia that was supposed to house nearly 1 million people, now sits largely empty.
Mohd Rasfan/AFP via Getty Images

Johor in Malaysia moves weekends to Friday and Saturday

Jan 20, 2014
Malaysia’s southern state of Johor is starting their weekends a day early; what this could mean for foreign investment.

Rare earths plant in Malaysia stopped by protests

May 28, 2012
Despite their name, rare earths are common. And now countries besides China, like Malaysia, are exploring how to make money mining for the key component in electronics.