Tide turns to doing your laundry

by , and Feb 20, 2019
The laundry detergent brand aims to offer dry-cleaning and wash-and-fold services nationally.
Tide aims to expand its dry-cleaning and wash-and-fold services nationally.
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The decline in laundromats shows how US cities are changing

by Kai Ryssdal, Emily Henderson, and Sean McHenry Aug 8, 2017
Once an urban staple, the businesses are decreasing as developers transform neighborhoods. But people still depend on them.
A woman empties a washing machine in a laundromat. 
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Final Note

Go to college, wash your own clothes. Right?

by David Gura May 8, 2014
Davidson College tells students to handle their own dirty laundry.

Self-cleaning clothes are here. Cries of “Victory!” come from the World Mud Pie Consortium

by Marc Sanchez Dec 19, 2011
The glass is only 29% filthy!
News In Brief

QUIZ: Men, women and the laundry room

by Sarah Gardner Apr 21, 2011
Clorox marketing exec Heidi Dorosin made a brief appearance in my Marketplace story on laundry detergents with fewer petrochemicals. A little off...

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