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Delayed relief shipments to Puerto Rico rekindle debate over a century-old shipping law

Sep 30, 2022
The Jones Act requires that only U.S. ships carry goods between U.S. ports. It also raises costs in Puerto Rico and elsewhere.
People waited to get gasoline in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 20. A temporary waiver of the Jones Act is allowing new fuel shipments to be delivered.
Jose Jimenez/Getty Images

How the Jones Act complicates offshore wind power

Nov 23, 2017
Specialized European ships are designed specifically to install wind turbines out in the ocean, but they can’t dock in any U.S. waters to get the parts for the turbines. That’s due to the Jones Act, and it makes installing offshore wind power more expensive for the foreseeable future. Click the audio player above to hear […]