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Those released from prison find reentry much harder due to COVID-19

Jul 14, 2020
Finding a job, often a challenge for people who have been incarcerated, is even more difficult because of the pandemic.
A Project Return staff member counsels a former prison inmate in the organization's parking lot.
Photo courtesy Corey Richard/Project Return

Farm-to-table comes to a Louisiana jail

Feb 8, 2018
"Meals and food is the basic way that we show love and respect for one another," said the jail's warden, Catherine Fontenot. "And that’s what we need to show with people who have offended us the greatest."
one program that trains Licensed Vocational Nurses who work in rural areas for the state correctional system to be Registered Nurses
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Correction officers shortage: a danger to inmates?

Aug 30, 2016
Florida's shortage means delayed showers, cancelled classes and increased violence.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images