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IBM's new CEO sees gold in data mining

Dec 30, 2011
Virginia Rometty takes over leadership of "Big Blue," and sees a profitable future in making sense of the growing mountain of digital data.

Watson gets a job

Sep 12, 2011
The Jeopardy-winning, IBM supercomputer known as Watson has been licensed to health insurer WellPoint. The brains behind Watson will be optimized...

IBM wants to help politicians see the future

Aug 8, 2011
IBM is releasing a new simulation tool today aimed at helping elected officials understand things like whether obesity will cause increased energy...

Watson helps babies in hospitals

Apr 13, 2011
The same kind of analytics platform IBM developed for Watson is being used to help monitor and diagnose babies in Intensive Care Units. Babies in...

Will Watson beat us at our own game?

Feb 16, 2011
Jeopardy! champs Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings may have met their best match: Watson, the IBM super-computer with a profound command of natural la...