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The race for quantum computing, explained

Oct 27, 2022
The technology has potential for both chaos and progress, and could one day break the encryption that protects your privacy on the internet.
A wafer with photonic chips for quantum computing.
Thomas Kienzle/AFP via Getty Images

IBM evolves yet again ... this time into the cloud

Oct 9, 2020
As an early company song put it, IBM has moved "ever onward," from punch cards to mainframes to software and services. Now it's diving into AI and cloud computing.
IBM Executive Chairman Ginni Rometty delivers a speech at CES 2019 in Las Vega The company is pivoting to cloud services.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Tech companies reconsider facial recognition software

IBM says it will no longer sell or research facial recognition software, and Amazon announced a moratorium on police use of its software.
With IBM getting out of facial recognition technology altogether and Amazon pausing the use of its software by police departments, how will Microsoft act?
Tolga Akmen/AFP via Getty Images

IBM's $34B plan to build a "hybrid cloud"

Jul 9, 2019
IBM has worn many different hats since its foundation. Now it's acquired one more: Red Hat.
David Ramos/Getty Images

Tech highlights its helpful side at "CES on the Hill"

May 3, 2019
Companies showed Congress their gadgets, steering the conversation away from privacy concerns and regulations.
Oculus on display at CES on the Hill.
Robyn Edgar/Marketplace

Is Watson enough to carry IBM?

Jul 19, 2018
We look at whether the company's focus on artificial intelligence is a good business bet.
A hostess talks to a NAO Watson robot at the IBM stand at the 2016 CeBIT digital technology trade fair in Hanover, Germany.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The White House hosts an artificial intelligence summit

May 9, 2018
An “Artificial Intelligence for American Industry” summit is being hosted at the White House today. Executives from Amazon, Facebook, Ford and IBM will be there. One big topic on the agenda? Government regulation. Turns out the federal government hasn’t written any regulations just for artificial intelligence.  Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

For public good, not for profit.

After years of decline, IBM reports a revenue jump

Jan 19, 2018
A 4 percent revenue hike is not big news for many companies. But for century-plus firm IBM it’s the first in half a decade, and could signal that its focus on cloud computing is paying off. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

You don't need to be a college grad to work in tech

IBM has a special program to hire people without four-year degrees.
A computer technician connects a computer into a network server in an office building in Washington, D.C.

Why companies differ over 'proxy access'

Apr 18, 2017
Investors in IBM will vote next week on whether to give themselves more rights to influence company decisions. Many companies have already embraced a kind of governance called “proxy access,” where shareholders can nominate company officials. But other corporations, including IBM and Charles Schwab, oppose it.  Click the audio player above to hear the full […]