Poultry fears in China

Nov 23, 2005
New outbreaks of bird flu have triggered restrictions on poultry imports in Hong Kong, and poultry sales are way down. Ruth Kirchner reports.


Nov 22, 2005
New research excessive noise is bad for both hospital workers and patients. Helen Palmer reports.

Black box warnings

Nov 18, 2005
A new report out shows doctors frequently ignore so-called "black box" warnings on medications that include serious side effects. Helen Palmer reports.

NIH Disclosure

Oct 31, 2005
Monday is the deadline for employees and researchers at the National Institutes of Health to disclose all stock holdings to prevent potential conflicts of interest. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Junior insomniacs?

Oct 26, 2005
A new study finds that youth under 18 are the fastest growing segment of the sleeping pill market. As Helen Palmer reports, Big Pharma is encouraging the trend.