Viagra's other benefits

Jan 3, 2006
A new study points to the possibility that erectile dysfunction drugs could help improve cognition in Alzheimer's patients. As Helen Palmer reports, the application could help revive flagging sales of ED drugs.

Flex plan rush

Dec 29, 2005
Eye doctors and dentists are experiencing an end-of-the-year rush of patients, as health care consumers scramble to finish up their flex plan allotments before the year ends. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Medical device glitches

Dec 22, 2005
Recent problems with a blood sugar monitor are the latest in a series of medical device glitches this year. Helen Palmer looks at what's behind the trend.

Health plan shopping

Dec 14, 2005
It's the end of the year and many of us are shopping for a new health plan. Consumer Advocate Jamie Court warns us that we better read the fine print.

The state of bird flu

Dec 5, 2005
President Bush invites state officials to the White House today to discuss bird flu preparedness. As Gretchen Cook reports, what states really want to talk about is money.

How safe is nanotechnology?

Dec 2, 2005
A new Web site offers a clearinghouse of information for consumers concerned about the safety of nanotechnology. Janet Babin reports.

AIDS in China

Dec 1, 2005
China's millions of migrant workers are the target of China's latest effort to raise awareness about HIV/Aids. Today, on World Aids Day, the government launched a campaign to educate migrant workers about the disease. Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing.

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HIV awareness in India

Dec 1, 2005
The world's second most populous country is marking World AIDS Day today by trying to raise awareness about the disease... with cell phones. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Big week for Merck

Nov 28, 2005
A new round of Vioxx proceedings is expected to begin today and tomorrow in state and federal court. Helen Palmer looks at what's at stake for Merck.

Goodbye discount cards

Nov 24, 2005
The government's new Medicare drug benefit program is prompting big pharmaceutical companies to discontinue their discount drug programs. From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.