Long and Short: Minimum wage and Gilmore Girls

Dec 2, 2016
And how we define the working class.
How'd you feel about the "Gilmore Girls" revival?
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Maybe we should call it 'Binge Friday'

Nov 23, 2016
Streaming services are looking to capitalize on Black Friday's captive audience.

When 'Gilmore Girls' takes over your local coffee shop

Oct 5, 2016
The Netflix marketing push for the revived TV series shows how long a shelf life a show can have.
Brittany Jeng, 29, and Heather Bladt, 33, pose for a photo in front of a Luke’s sign displayed outside the Comoncy Cafe in Studio City, Calif. The pair waited in line for two hours at  the popup event promoting the new “Gilmore Girls” series on Netflix.
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