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Electric vehicle tax credits are getting complicated

Dec 7, 2023
Some popular auto models will no longer get the full tax credit next year because of where their components originate.
Some EVs, like the popular Tesla Model 3 seen above, will no longer qualify for a full $7,500 federal tax credit starting next year, as too many of their components originate in China.
Allison Dinner/Getty Images

Toyota's Camry sedan is going exclusively hybrid in 2024

Nov 16, 2023
The automaker has expanded its line of hybrid vehicles as it bets that some motorists are not ready for fully electric vehicles.
Toyota's focus on hybrids sets it apart from other automakers, which have thrown money into developing and producing fully electric vehicles in recent years.
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UAW win highlights concerns over risks for workers in clean energy transition  

Nov 13, 2023
The UAW fought for protection if factories shut down. But workers in other carbon-intensive industries could find themselves displaced.
With an eye toward the eventual electrification of vehicle production, the United Auto Workers worked with GM to bring battery manufacturing under its contract. 
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EVs have made big inroads in California. But why do most car buyers go with gas?

Nov 2, 2023
Wealthier drivers are more open to electric vehicles, but low-income people are hesitant due to purchase cost and a lack of charging stations.
Joey Gil, a Tesla driver, said reducing carbon emissions was a key reason to switch to electric.
Caleigh Wells

Electric vehicles face reality check as automakers dial back production targets

Nov 2, 2023
And it's possible that the deals that ended the United Auto Workers' strike could also make EVs less profitable for companies.
While charging infrastructure has expanded, it’s still not exactly reliable in many places, said UC Berkeley's Ethan Elkind.
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The "lumpy" road to affordable EVs just got a little longer

Oct 25, 2023
Even though prices have come down and the federal government is helping with rebates, the average price is still above $50,000.
It’s hard to build up new supply chains of EV parts like batteries and electric-motor systems.
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Tesla sacrifices to stay ahead of rivals in EV race

Oct 16, 2023
For the first time, the electric vehicle maker's market share is under 50%.
Tesla reduced prices in the past year, putting roadblocks in the path of traditional carmakers competing in electric vehicles. Tesla's upcoming quarterly results may show whether its revenue has suffered.
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For public good, not for profit.

EV tax credit will be simpler in 2024 with an instant rebate at dealership

Oct 11, 2023
The goal: Make buying an electric vehicle more attractive and simpler.
The instant rebate for electric vehicles coming in January is meant to make EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt, above, more attractive to buyers.
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The European Union takes aim at Chinese subsides for electric vehicles

Oct 4, 2023
The EU has opened a formal investigation and could impose penalties to "level the playing field," while China decries that step as "naked protectionism." European automakers are hoping to avoid the fate of Europe’s solar industry a decade ago, when it was mostly wiped out by low cost Chinese competitors.
EVs made by Chinese car brand BYD were on display the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor show in Munich, Germany. The EU just announced it will probe China's use of subsidies to grow its EV presence.
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The UAW strike is also about EVs and the future of auto industry jobs

So far, the UAW is holding a limited strike at three plants across three states.
Members of the UAW began striking last night at a select few factories and plants across the Midwest.
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images