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Here's why we're seeing a rush to create new businesses

Aug 19, 2021
There were over 4 million applications for new businesses last year, according to the Census Bureau.
There was a boom in applications for new businesses last year, per the Census Bureau.
pixdeluxe via Getty Images

Inequities in venture capital hinder founders of color well beyond seed funding

Jun 3, 2020
They don’t just have a harder time getting initial funding. They also get less of it.
Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton (right) speaks on a panel. Backstage invests in founders of color, women and LGBTQ entrepreneurs.
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Revolt

Brooklyn and Berlin connect their growing startup scenes

Feb 8, 2017
They have more in common than you might think, despite the distance between them.
BigRep employees watch a 3-D printer in action at the company’s Berlin headquarters.
Mark Garrison / Marketplace