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Panama Canal faces uncertain future because of climate change, drought

Jul 31, 2023
Six percent of all global trade passes through the canal’s 50-mile stretch of water. New passage restrictions could particularly harm the U.S. economy — since it's the nation that uses the trade route most.
Above, a ship navigates the Panama Canal in Panama City. The canal authority puts restrictions on shipping companies when there’s not enough water.
Luis Acosta/AFP via Getty Images

El Niño could return this year to crank global temperatures even higher

Apr 24, 2023
The next two years could end up being the hottest on record.
View of the dried lake of La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San Jose, Costa Rica. The lake was affected by droughts caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

Preparing your home for El Niño

Jan 4, 2016
The latest iteration of El Niño is the strongest in history.

Preparing for El Niño's storms in Los Angeles

Dec 28, 2015
Southern Californians are worrying about flooding, mudslides and their trees

With big storms on way, a search for homeless in danger

Nov 18, 2015
Thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles County are camping out instead of going to shelter. Hundreds are camping in river channels.

Africa could face severe drought due to El Nino

Oct 7, 2015
The weather phenomenon could threaten Africa's food security.
Workers excavate earth at a residential area in southern Nairobi on Tuesday to create larger drainage channels. The United Nations warned that heavy floods and drought expected around East Africa could put thousands of lives at risk.

El Niño: Be careful what you wish for

Jul 24, 2015
Even a strong rain storms won't end a deep drought, but they could cause havoc.

For public good, not for profit.

How El Niño will impact global food prices

Mar 12, 2014
It probably won't have a huge impact on your grocery bills.