Without the range and the rumble, Harley-Davidson finds e-motorcycles a hard sell

Feb 3, 2023
The company's global shipments were up 18% in the fourth quarter. But revenue at LiveWire, its electric motorcycle business, was down 28%.
True Harley lovers find the LiveWire too quiet. "They want it to make that noise when they’re coming down the road,” says Casey Harrold, marketing manager at the Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson dealership in Raleigh, North Carolina.
David McNew/AFP via Getty Images

E-bikes are soaring in popularity, but some still have reservations 

Oct 14, 2022
"I find myself looking at the other bikers going slowly and going ‘just get out of my way,’" says Ian Bogost, contributing writer at The Atlantic.

NYC's delivery drivers depend on e-bikes, but charging and storing them isn't easy

Sep 20, 2022
E-bikes are particularly popular among food delivery workers, and an informal, underground economy has sprung up to support them.
New York City is considering banning e-bikes from public housing after a number of fires have been attributed to their rechargeable batteries.
Eduardo Munoz/AFP via Getty Images