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Wizards, druids and open game licenses: The fight over the unique Dungeons & Dragons economy

Mar 3, 2023
When Hasbro wanted to change D&D's open game license to get a cut of third-party company profits, the game's fans went to battle.
Fantasy game enthusiast Mark Warren poses next to a life-size replica of a Dungeons & Dragons character.
Matt Levin/Marketplace

Dungeons & Dragons can be a lucrative side hustle

Some enterprising dungeon masters charge up to $500 per session.
Professional Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master Devon Chulick in a session with clients Amanda Perry, Justin Stuart Paul and Shashir Redd.
Photo by Kelsey McClellan for Bloomberg

Dungeons and Dragons: Niche game, big business

Aug 20, 2013
The cult classic game, Dungeons and Dragons, has come a long way since its birth in the 1970s. Can it find a model for the future?