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When it comes to hacking, the aim isn't always fraud

Oct 2, 2015
It's to sell your information to others, who want to use it for espionage.

When hackers get hacked

Jul 7, 2015
About 400 GB of private documents have been stolen from a hacking firm.

Credit monitoring becomes a standard offer after breaches

Sep 9, 2014
What these services do and do not do for you as a consumer.

Worried about Target? The do's and don'ts of protecting your data

Jan 17, 2014
Millions of Americans have had credit card and debit card information stolen by hackers at big retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus. Marketplace Money host Carmen Wong Ulrich talks to consumer advocate Bob Sullivan about what we can do to keep our money safe.

Neiman Marcus, like Target, reveals credit card hack

Jan 13, 2014
How do companies decide whether and how to reveal details of data breaches to the public?
Pedestrians walk past a Neiman Marcus store on the Magnificent Mile March 5, 2009 in Chicago, Ill.
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