Brexit threatens ancient tongue in Britain's southwest

Nov 28, 2017
Speakers of the Cornish language fear EU funding for learning it won't be replaced.
Loveday Jenkin, a leading Cornish language campaigner – standing next to the winding gear from a traditional Cornish tin mine.
Stephen Beard/Marketplace

Cornwall's fishermen face up to post-Brexit realities

Nov 16, 2017
People working out of Britain's largest fishing port wonder what lies ahead.
“There are more foreign boats working in our waters than U.K. boats at the moment,” says Dave Stevens, skipper of the Crystal Sea trawler.
Stephen Beard/Marketplace

English plantation now sends tea to China

Oct 31, 2016
England has just one tea plantation but its owners have big global ambitions.
Neil Bennett, head gardener at the Tregothnan Estate, inspects in the tea garden the tea plant Camellia sinensis near Truro, England. 
Matt Cardy/Getty Images