Companies: stop making your employees use tablets

by Ben Johnson Jul 10, 2014
The mobile revolution is nice, but it doesn't always mean progress.

95 percent of U.S. ATMs run on Windows XP

by David Weinberg Mar 19, 2014
What will ATMs do when Microsoft stops supporting the OS?

Sony to sell off VAIO brand, expects $1B loss

by David Brancaccio Feb 6, 2014
Sony of Japan struggles with the Microsoft problem: finding its way in the land of Apple and Samsung.

When airlines outgrow their computers

by Queena Kim Apr 17, 2013
American lost access to its computer system yesterday and had to ground hundreds of flights. Maybe it's time for the industry to hit the update button.

Tablets square off with PC's

by Molly Wood Apr 12, 2013
Forget Europe's weak economy and Windows 8, something else has got PC sales down: Tablets.

Software update for your iPhone! Should you accept?

by Molly Wood Feb 25, 2013
Last week NASA lost direct contact with the International Space Station while updating their computer software. NASA may have learned their lesson, but have you?
Attitude Check

How Americans rank industries' reputations

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 23, 2012
Which industries do well in public opinion polls? Computers get mostly positive marks, as do retail and anything having to do with food. The federal government and oil and gas, not so much.

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Robots Ate My Job

Robots Ate My Road Trip: Day 6

by David Brancaccio Mar 31, 2012
End in sight.

Why you should learn how to code

by Marketplace Contributor Mar 9, 2012
Commentator Farhad Manjoo says coding will help you keep your job or help you make a case for a raise.
Mid-day Update

'SimCity' to return next year, in 3D

by Jeremy Hobson Mar 8, 2012
The first "SimCity" came out 23 years ago. But a new version will debut next year. How will it fare in the competitive gaming market?

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