Louis C.K. and the Louis C.K. Window

Dec 12, 2011
In the comedy world, every comedian is seeking what’s referred to as “a Louis C.K. deal”. Louis C.K. directs, writes, stars in, and – this is important – edits every episode of his TV show, giving him a terrific amount…

Mid-day Extra: The value of the laugh track

This season's fall TV lineup has seen a re-emergence of the laugh track. But do these sound effects really help ratings?

Sony's security problems becoming a fascinating dark comedy

May 19, 2011
After massive security breaches pretty much torpedoed the Sony PlayStation Network, the company had a huge cleanup effort on its hands. One of the...

More Paul F. Tompkins!

Mar 7, 2011
Paul F. Tompkins is a pal of the show. He was on today. Here's some more Paul for you....