What's all the buzz about decaf coffee?

Jun 7, 2024
With advances in the decaffeination process and the use of better beans, coffee lovers are giving decaf another shot.
A coffee maker from Houston won the U.S. Brewers Cup, "but he won it with decaf, which is kind of like winning the Tour de France on a unicycle," says reporter Matt Kronsberg.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

A love of furry felines turns into a business opportunity

Jul 4, 2022
"There were days when I didn't even make enough money to cover my labor costs, but we made it," says Angeli Rodriguez, owner of The Witty Whisker.
Rodriguez hopes to franchise her business and use it as supplement to animal shelters.
Angeli Rodriguez

My Economy: Starting a small business in Echo Park

Apr 5, 2019
Maurice Harris wanted to open a coffee shop when he saw his neighborhood changing. The process wasn't easy.
Maurice Harris is the owner of Bloom & Plume Coffee in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California.
Sean McHenry/Marketplace