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As hospitals increasingly close in rural areas, communities consider a hybrid health center model

Mar 28, 2018
Without enough patients with health insurance, hospitals are closing in rural parts of the country. Some communities have turned to hybrid health centers — shy of a hospital but more than a clinic — to try to meet their community's health needs.
A sign lets Lewis County residents know the hours and offerings. Another sign on the building instructs patients to call 911 if the facility is closed for the night. 
Blake Farmer/ for Marketplace

What the merger of CVS and Aetna could mean for customers

Dec 12, 2017
With access to Aetna's 47 million customers, CVS wants to transform its stores into "health care hubs."
A CVS MinuteClinic in north Philadelphia.
Dan Gorenstein/Marketplace

Hospitals use mobile clinics to increase access

May 12, 2016
These clinics reduce emergency department visits and save money.
Parkland’s Homeless Outreach Medical Services Program in Dallas has grown to serve 9,000 people a year.
Lauren Silverman/KERA

Doughnuts ... is there anything they can't do?

Oct 23, 2015
The Krispy Kreme Challenge has donated $2 million to support a children's clinic.

Is your medical information safe at Target?

Jan 27, 2015
The growth of retail clinics is raising concerns about safeguarding patient data.

Why some rural patients wait all night to get a tooth pulled

Apr 29, 2014
For many low-income, rural Americans, healthcare needs are still not being met.