Refurbishing vintage furniture for art (and profit)

Mar 27, 2024
Latoyia Smith started by painting secondhand desks for remote students. Then their parents wanted her to beautify their own furniture.
"When I began the business, I had no expectations," said Latoyia Smith, owner of Lavish Furniture Flips. "I was like, if I build it, they will come, but will they buy? And then they did."
Courtesy Smith

Eliminating the concept of waste from the economy

Aug 19, 2020
For architect William McDonough, an economy of the future is a "circular economy."
"If we're destroying the Earth, we have to ask ourselves, is this is our intention? And if it's not, perhaps we need a new design," architect William McDonough says.
David McNew/Getty Images

Large manufacturers are looking to increase profits by reducing waste

May 22, 2017
Choosing between profits and sustainability is antiquated, according to a new study about the “circular economy” business model.
An increasing number of countries and economies think circular economy is a good idea.
Sebastien Bozon/ AFP