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The legacy of Ben Bernanke

Oct 9, 2013
The outgoing Fed chairman presided over the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, photographed in July.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Who is Janet Yellen?

Oct 9, 2013
A look at the life and career of President Obama's nominee for chair of the Fed.

Why isn't Yellen a shoo-in?

Sep 17, 2013
She’s had a distinguished career at the Fed and earned the respect of Nobel Prize winners. So why hasn't she been at the top of the White House's list all along?

What does the Fed chair actually do?

Sep 16, 2013
There's a lot of noise about who's going to be the next chief of the Federal Reserve. We're more interested in what the Fed chair actually can do for the economy.

How did a former treasury secretary move markets today by doing absolutely nothing?

Sep 13, 2013
False information from a Japanese newspaper moved investor activity.