We're about to know a lot more about podcasting behavior

Jun 16, 2017
Apple is set to launch data on when you listen to your favorite podcasts and where.
Corey Blaz/Visual Hunt

Guess what: data is driving political campaigns

Mar 2, 2016
How much is data shaping political campaigns these days? Think "800 lb gorilla"

Advertising shifts focus toward data

Dec 8, 2015
Ad companies are more interested in what you search on Google and Facebook.

Using big data to profile the perfect worker

Sep 24, 2012
Large companies that hire thousands of hourly workers are turning to big data to streamline recruitment. Our own Kai Ryssdal gets profiled to see what his answers to a few simple questions tell us about what kind of employee he'd be.

IBM's new CEO sees gold in data mining

Dec 30, 2011
Virginia Rometty takes over leadership of "Big Blue," and sees a profitable future in making sense of the growing mountain of digital data.