Life in the coronavirus heckhole
Aug 6, 2020
Season 2 | Episode 23

Life in the coronavirus heckhole

To get a new bike, this 11-year-old signed a contract to do the thing he hates most: math.

When did you first learn what a contract was? Joaquin Andrade was in grade school.

When he’s trying to get more computer time or a new bike from his parents, they negotiate conditions: chores, grades or other contingencies for the eventual payout.

The system goes both ways, too — before Joaquin’s dad could buy some new car parts, he had to agree to ride the Tower of Terror at Disney World. Everything gets written down and posted on the fridge.

“It feels official because like my parents actually use their, like, real signature,” Joaquin said. “I just write my name in cursive and then put my soccer number.”

A few examples of the Andrade family’s contracts. (Courtesy Autumn Andrade-de León)

It’s a system that’s worked well for Joaquin’s family the past few years, but now it’s become essential. And Joaquin’s mom, Autumn, says it’s not just about bribing kids to do chores. The contracts put everyone on equal ground and makes her sons feel included in financial decisions.

The system also provides some much-needed stability during the pandemic. “The world is kind of raging outside, and as adults we deal with that, but our kids don’t need to,” she said. “And I do feel like yes, it absolutely confirmed my belief in contracts, family contracts.”

The pandemic has rocked the lives of a lot of families in this country: Dealing with finances and child care is that much harder with parents working from home and kids going to school online. In this episode, we talk with a couple of kids about how they’re coping. Later, we’ll get some advice from an expert on how to navigate this time as a family.

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Correction (Aug. 6, 2020): A previous version of this story misspelled Autumn Andrade-de León’s name. The text has been corrected.

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