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For richer or for poorer
Dec 1, 2022
Season 7 | Episode 7

For richer or for poorer

How many crises — financial, emotional, medical — can one marriage survive?

When Taylor and Gavin got married after less than a year of dating, their loved ones thought the relationship wouldn’t last.

The odds were against them. Not only was their relationship new, but they were both young, 19 and 21 respectively. Even their best friends were so skeptical, they refused to be in the wedding. Still, Taylor and Gavin were sure they would never want to be with anyone else.

This week on the show, a young couple faces down struggles with money — what to do when there’s not enough, how to handle a surprise windfall and how to stop arguing over every purchase.

Even when money’s the problem, having more of it isn’t always the solution. Like when Gavin found a new career path that was supposed to turn everything around. “I can show Taylor and present this to her and be like, ‘Look, I did what I said I was gonna do. You don’t have to worry so much.’ But for her, things were going the complete opposite.”

Throughout their marriage, Taylor and Gavin have grappled with layoffs, an unplanned but wanted pregnancy, complex grief and mental health challenges. We spoke to the couple about how they held things together and what’s changed in their marriage as they’ve grown apart and back together again.

If you or a loved one are grieving a miscarriage or stillbirth, the Star Legacy Foundation has a variety of resources, including support groups. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance also offers resources for people struggling with mental health.

Taylor and Gavin are listeners of “This Is Uncomfortable” and came to us to share their story. Do you have a story about how money has complicated your life that you think we should hear? Email us at uncomfortable@marketplace.org. You can also email us to share what you thought about the episode, or fill out the form below.

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