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Everyday liars
Sep 12, 2019
Season 1 | Episode 14

Everyday liars

This week: lies about airline miles, student debt, luxury goods and a lot more.

If you ask a few random people on the street, chances are at least one of them has told some little white lies about money. We know because we asked.

“Absolutely. Who doesn’t?” said one liar. “Like right now I get paid $20 an hour, but people think I get paid $24 and some change. I just don’t wanna seem like I’m struggling in the every day rat race like everybody else.”

A few weeks ago you heard Jack Brunson’s story about hiding his true wealth from his punk rock friends. We had a feeling he wasn’t alone, so we asked listeners to share white lies.

And you delivered.

This week, we’re handing the show over to all your responses. We have lies about airline miles, work schedules, student debt, luxury goods and a lot more.

If you still want to send us some white lies, hit us up at uncomfortable@marketplace.org. You can listen to Brunson’s story below.

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