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Season 1
Mar 22, 2021

Jed and Bridget need your help!

We're working on season two, but we can't do it without a hand from kids and their grown-ups.

Hey, Million Bazillionaires! Jed and Bridget are hard at work on season two of our show. But to get it over the finish line, we need a favor (or two)!

Kids: Do you have a question about money or the economy? A disagreement with an adult in your life over money, a problem or just something weird that’s been bugging you? We want to hear about it for our next season! Reach out using the form on our website.

Grown-ups, this is where you come in. We’re really close to making season two a reality, but along with more questions, we need you to help fill the funding gap. Right now, we have a dollar-for-dollar donor match. Your gift goes twice as far when you donate today! We have a $50,000 funding goal — please chip in what you can at marketplace.org/givemillion!

Thanks so much for your help. We hope to see you very soon!

The future of this podcast starts with you.

It’s official: kids love “Million Bazillion!” From fun, creative lessons about trade to silly skits about the foundation of our economy, Jed Kim and the “Million Bazillion” team are committed to making kids and their families smarter about all things money.

We know you wish you had this podcast when you were a kid—and now you can make it possible for a child in your life.

Support “Million Bazillion” in any amount to make financial literacy accessible for the next generation.

The team

Jed Kim Host
Bridget Bodnar Senior Producer
Ben Tolliday Sound designer
Sanden Totten Editor
Erica Phillips Writer/Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer
Sitara Nieves Executive Director of On-Demand

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