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Marketplace for Wednesday November 12, 2014

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China agreed to cap emissions. How are the goals stated by China and U.S. attainable, and who would be the winners and losers? Plus, banks are being fined because their traders manipulated the foreign exchange markets. We look at how and why the offenders did what was thought to be impossible. Finally, Hostess Brands, which makes Twinkies and other snacks, was bought out of bankruptcy last year by a private equity firm. Now it’s about to be sold on for $1.5 billion. We explain how the Twinkie-maker was saved by private equity.

Segments From this episode

Twinkies: Brought to you by private equity

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Nov 12, 2014
How a private-equity firm turned around Hostess and saved the iconic snack.
Final Note

At a Starbucks near you: Chestnut Praline Lattes

by Kai Ryssdal Nov 12, 2014
Will this wannabe Euro beverage be a hit?

Why the U.S.-China climate deal isn't crazy ambitious

by Dan Weissmann Nov 12, 2014
The U.S. commitments for reducing carbon emissions are mostly already in place.

Big banks get fined in foreign exchange rigging

by David Gura Nov 12, 2014
Banks must pay $4.3 billion because their traders manipulated the market.
Learning Curve

Using data to head off high school dropouts

by Adriene Hill Nov 12, 2014
'Early Warning Systems' are changing how schools identify – and help – high-risk students.

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