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Team-building isn’t just for the IRS. How big is the workplace teambuilding business, and is it a scam or a smart way to create an engaged and productive workforce? In the private sector, the NHTSA asked for a recall on 2.7 million Jeeps. Chrysler Group said, "No."  How much of a risk is that? Plus, we talk to the CEO of Whole Foods about plans to expand into Detroit.

What a star's suspension would mean to a baseball team's bottom line

Major League Baseball is reportedly on the verge of slapping long suspensions on some start players. How would that impact the finances of America's pastime?
Posted In: Sports, baseball, drugs, business of sports

What does teambuilding get you, anyway?

The IRS has come under heat for spending on conferences and teambuilding training, but teambuilding is big business.
Posted In: IRS, team building, human resources, workplace culture

The economy of walking for cures (Infographic)

The Susan B. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity announced this morning that it is cancelling fundraising walks in seven cities in 2014. How much do they actually make from similar walks?
Posted In: charities, Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation, fundraising

A look inside the secret home for central bankers

A nondescript office building in Basel, Switzerland, houses one of the most powerful commercial banks in the world. But only central bankers are allowed to pass.
Posted In: Ben Bernanke, Switzerland, Federal Reserve, bank

Whole Foods CEO: Detroit is a long-term investment

Walter Robb, CEO of high-end grocer Whole Foods, talks to Marketplace about why his company is opening its latest store in the Midtown neighborhood of Detroit.
Posted In: Whole Foods, groceries, Food, Detroit, food deserts, poverty, Walter Robb

Advice for your performance review: In five years...

Just in time for interview season, a writer takes a look at one of the classic job interview questions.
Posted In: job interview, Commentary

Thanks, but no thanks: Chrysler says it won't recall 2.7 million Jeeps

Government regulators asked for a Jeep recall, but Chrysler said "No." Will negative public reaction outweigh the cost of an actual recall?
Posted In: auto industry, cars, recalls, auto safety

A Father's Day gift for the dad who has (and eats) everything

How does Oscar Meyer spell Father's Day? B-A-C-O-N
Posted In: father's day, presents, bacon, advertising

A small pocket of Detroit is thriving, but it's not a comeback city yet

There's an urban revival in the downtown neighborhood of Midtown, but the level of affluence is less than in other reviving urban centers.
Posted In: Detroit, city planning, Whole Foods

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